Custom Leather Firefighter Radio Straps

Hand made custom leather radio straps for front line Fire and EMS emergency responders.

Radio straps come standard with an anti-sway strap, up to 12 stamped letters on the back colored with borders (Standard is 1", click here to view font options), and two fully colored standard logos anywhere you'd like them on the strap. In addition 9/11 WTC Stamps in full color are included on the back of the strap, near bottom and a thin red line US flag on the belt loop. Click here to view images of some standard logos - Choose from 60 and growing! Additional logos are available for a fee - custom art is also available. If you've got a certain design in mind, we can do it - just send us your ideas!

If you've looked around, and you're ready to order a strap use our radio strap order form


Radio straps are made from thick cow leather and are 1.5 inches wide (approx.), with all heavy duty solid brass fittings (colored Yellow/gold or silver/nickel). All letters and designs are dyed not painted, so the coloring will not chip or crack like painted letters/designs (borders and special designs are colored with a special pliable leather paint). The strap is treated to prevent fungus, then it's sealed for protection - front and back, the dye won't bleed on your shirt! Straps come standard with 2 mic hooks, and an anti-sway strap.

To view more photos of completed radio straps click here.

Radio Holders

Radio holders are available for an additional charge. We make custom holders, with artwork included, we also offer Boston Leather radio holders - these can not be modfied. If you'd like to order with with your strap, please make sure it fits your radio. Click here for more info.

Radio Strap Pricing

Radio straps start at $99. Click here for more detailed pricing info. After payment you're placed in a queue. When your order is up, I'll create and send you a sketch for approval (only if you've ordered custom art for the strap). After that your strap will be carved, colored and shipped.


Each strap is custom made for you. Take a string or a piece of webbing, lay it over your shoulder as you would wear the strap. Pinch the string/webbing together on your side where you'd like the top of the radio holder to hang - hold the webbing/string together, mark the ends (where you pinched) measure the length from end to end. The strap will be made to be adjustable a few inches on either side of that measurement. The total length will be from end of metal clasp to end of metal clasp. The length may be plus or minus 1 inch.


Occasionally it is necessary to make minor adjustments in order to insure correct sizing. For instance, straps that are less than 60" with a logo on the front may need one mic hook installed horizontally instead of vertically. We reserve the right to make such minor adjustments necessary to ensure proper fit.


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