Custom Fire Helmet Shields

Custom Fire Helmet Shield Boston - The Tower Custom Fire Helmet Shields Custom Fire Helmet Shield - The Truck

Our fire helmet shields are heavy duty and well suited for interior firefighting. These custom leather shields are durable, water resistant, and long lasting. We have 8 syles to choose from! Please browse our site and look at pictures of some of our completed work. We'd be happy to make a shield or radio strap for you! Feel free to contact us with any questions -

Helmet Shield Construction

The fronts look best on a leather New Yorker, Sam Houston or Phenix TL-2, but will fit other makes and non leather helmets. Helmet shields are cut from a large sheet of heavy cow leather. We offer eight different styles of custom fire helmet shields. Click here for more information about each one.

Custom Fire Helmet Shield - The Tanker Custom Fire Helmet Shield - The Wagon Custom Fire Helmet Shield Style - The Truck Custom Fire Helmet Shield - The Tiller

Custom Fire Helmet Shield Style - The Engine Custom Fire Helmet Shield Style - The Squad Custom Fire Helmet Shield Style - The Pumper Custom Fire Helmet Shield Style - The Tower

Shields are cut into shape from one piece of heavy cow leather. Next, the front is carved (tooled, embossed) based on the chosen design and dyed. Lastly color is added, and they are sealed for protection. The helmet shields are about 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick, give or take.


There are three pricing options for custom helmet shields:
- Simple shields - with up to three numbers/letters in the center and text above OR below with a stamped logo (the same logos used on our radio straps) on the shield are $79. Nothing can be added to a simple shield, other than what has been described. To order a simple shield use our Simple Helmet Shield Order Form.
- Fancy shields - include whatever you'd like on it for $99. To order a fancy custom fire helmet shield use our Fancy Helmet Shield Order Form.
- Carbon shields - any of our shield styles with any logo or design, in all black. No color. $69 To order a carbon custom fire helmet shield use our Carbon Helmet Shield Order Form.

Add $5 for any main color other than black or brown. For an additional $5 you can purchase a leather hole punch for your shield - you'll be able to make smooth, clean holes in your new shield using this tool.

After payment you're placed in a queue. When your order is up, I'll create and send you a sketch for approval. After that your shield will be carved, colored and shipped.

Your artwork or ours. Give me an idea, or send me a logo, and I'll do the rest.

Custom Fire Helmet Shield - Oklahoma University Custom Fire Helmet Shield - The Truck style for Charlotte ladder 1 Custom fire helmet shield for Denver Colorado FD

Custom fire helmet shield with snake Fancy fire helmet shield with shark Custom fire helmet shield - Camouflage background

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